Aeropress Brewing 101 (A Beautiful Mess)

Coffee Table
What do you think of the colour?
Aeropress How to Make Your Own Delicious Homemade Lattes Without an Espresso Machine How To Make AeroPress Coffee (Two Ways!) — Cooking Lessons from Latte art – Creating microfoam milk without a steamer
For the coffee dude who has everything, an AeroPress Travel Kit! Precious pinner said: “I have that grinder too. It’s a ceramic one and makes good grounds!”

5 Luxurious Stands for Pour Over Coffee (Plus Some Pour Over Basics) Coffee Gear @Juliana Barton

Tried this using a normal pitcher from Dollar Tree this week and HOLY WHOA. This stuff doesn’t give you an instant kick like hot brewed coffee does, but you are awake FOREVER. – Cold brew your coffee to get ALL of the caffeine, instead of only 10%!


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