Alright, this recipe is amazing for 2 reasons. First, we’re making risotto in the microwave. Second, we’re making it in 10 minutes. No more standing at the stove and stirring for an hour. This is quite a hack, if we do say so ourselves.

How many thumbs up to this?
Microwave Microwave Baked Apples Topped with Granola This Infographic is a Cheat Sheet For Clever Microwave Uses Fried Egg For One (Made in a Microwave with No Oil)
5-Minute MICROWAVE Hummus! Something magical happens to the chickpeas + garlic making this the BEST hummus I’ve ever made! #vegan #glutenfree

We might forget occasionally how powerful microwaves are. Not only can they heat food quickly, but they’re useful for a variety of other tasks. This graphic shows you several examples of both.



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