Backpacking Water Filter, you don’t have to worry about hauling clean drinking water. Fill your hydration pack with contaminated water, and drink filtered water while you walk. What an ingenious idea! If you enjoy hiking and camping, you’ll love this. It’s also perfect for emergency water.

Water Filter
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Water Filter The Berkey Water Filter Contaminants Guide (Infographic Soma Water Filter 3 Emergency Water Filtration Options
If tap water is likely full of dangerous, cancer- and birth defect-causing chemicals and bottled water is nothing more than tap water with a fancy label, what other options do we have? I’m glad you asked! Home water filtration is tricky business, and no one wants to waste their money on expensive filtration systems that don’t actually work or that may be harmful. Here are your options, from worst to best. | TraditionalCookin…

Does the Big Berkey Water Filter REALLY work? I take out my microscope and find out – review and giveaway!

Top 5 Gravity Water Filters for Tiny Houses


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