Star Peeler: The Ultimate Vegetable Peeler. Swiss Made Quality by Zena. From I think this is what I have, with the hardened blade.

Vegetable Peeler
Vegetable Peeler Starpack Vegetable Peeler Set Review and Giveaway! We bet you never knew you could do all this with a vegetable peeler, a cocktail shaker and more. The Rada Cutlery Vegetable Peeler is one of our most popular and celebrated products, and with good reason. This invaluable tool is the best vegetable peeler you can find. This stainless steel vegetable peeler features a surgical-quality, high-carbon blade for easy peeling of a wide variety of vegetables, including carrots, cucumbers, or potatoes. Don’t let the name fool you, though, as it’s equally useful at peeling fruits such as apples or peaches. It’s also useful for making… Who says a Vegetable Peeler only peels vegetables or a Pizza Cutter only cuts pizza? These and other kitchen tools do so much more.

Many of us use peelers for one purpose – trimming skins off fruits and vegetables. Here are six other uses of the vegetable peeler, at!A lot of the tools and toys we want come in non-plastic versions if we shop around. Rösle Julienne Peeler Joseph Joseph – Multi-peel™ Product Design #productdesign Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peeler – Cook’s Illustrated Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peeler – Cook’s Illustrated 3 Blade Vegetable Peeler